Tuesday, March 23, 2010

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (dah dah dah dah, dah de la dah dah)

Not really, I just wanted to get that song stuck in everyone's head... Final countdown or no, it is true (as most readers of the blog probably know) that there are only about 5 weeks to go on my contract, so naturally my thoughts are turning to what's next.

I don't generally like to go into all the details of my daily life, moans being usually reserved for my emails to my Meh, but suffice it to say that I will be happy to leave the flat where I'm living, but am not looking forward to leaving the beautiful French Riveria (if, indeed, that is what fate has in store for me). I have started to look for the next opportunity - I want to stay in France, and let's just say I have an iron in the fire, just the one although that's not for want of looking. Am trying to escape teaching English, that's all I will say for now, in the spirit of not jinxing anythiing!

Have started to have wild fantasies about "oh! the places I'll go!" etc. once I don't have to spend 45% of my monthly salary on rent any more. Actually, most of these fantasies don't go beyond things like nail polish, books off Amazon, razor blades, a bottle of Absolut vodka (that's in the list cos I saw it in the supermarket today for only 13 euros, amaze!), clothes clothes clothes and the chance to do nice things like having a glass of wine in a cafe on a nice day instead of sitting in the park (which is also nice, of course, but sometimes a girl wants a wine-based change to the routine). Lofty aspirations, I know. Still, I really shouldn't entertain any such fantasies, mundane or not, when my future remains still completely uncertain...

In non-related news, today there was a big national grève (strike - a word familiar to anyone living in France) so I had to do a 1 1/2 hour round-trip on foot in order to do an hour's work. Luckily enough, it was sunny and lovely, HOT even! And I saw the demonstration on my way to work, and they amused me with their blaring of Black Sabbath from loudspeakers, ha ha! After I had walked back home (and, funnily enough, sat in the park for a bit) I sat out on my balcony for a little while, and noticed that the sun, which used to only get as far west as the next building over before disappearing from sight, is now high enough in the sky in the late afternoon to shine over said building, and thus provide me with an hour or so extra sunshine compared with whenever I used to last sit out on the balcony, in November or whatever before the weather turned. We have rain forecast again later in the week (it was raining this weekend too), but I think the weather is definitely on the mend!


  1. Does that mean the 'Meh' reaction is just for me, then?

  2. Get on to those "Touristes" and get them sorted.

  3. No, that's a different kind of Meh

  4. Well, that's what I thought initially, but when you called me Meh I began to doubt....


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