Saturday, July 24, 2010

Photo fun

Well, I have nothing interesting to say really, but I do have quite a few photos - random shots from around Tours, my purchases from the last day of the sales today (no more shopping this month for me, or next month with holidays to pay for!) and the Bastille Day celebrations.

Video & photo of the Bastille Day fireworks down by the Loire. I like how everyone claps the fireworks!

One of my new dresses

And the other. My photo mojo was not there today - after about a million takes, everything was coimng out blurry or ugly or both. So when I put on my new bat-wing cardie, I decided it was time to get silly instead...

Secretive ninja

Pretending to be graceful

The crane


Let's try that again, with a bit more menace

A la guinguette, a guinguette being an open-air café or dancehall. This is here all summer on the banks of the Loire, and there's various things like bands playing or dancing or games depending on the night.

People dancing at the guinguette.

St Martin's Church

Sainte Maure cheese. I won't do a cheesewatch on this, since I'm fairly sure I've said before that this is an utter marvel of cheeseadry and very unfairly unknown outside the region (well, to me it was anyway!). I just wanted to post the adorable little goat with her log of Sainte Maure on the label

I love how this old building has been preserved wedged in between two modern ones. I'm not sure what it is now, seems to have a garage in the lower bit (?)

This is where Joan of Arc stopped to get some armour made before going and fighting the English. And now it's a shop on the ground floor and what looks like empty apartments up above. Can you imagine living in Joan of Arc's old hangout? Europe, I love you.

And this is my gym, which looks like a 19th century drawing room with exercise machines in it. Presumably they actually restored it to look like this, as apparently this street, one of the main axes in Tours, was pretty much bombed to bits in WWII

Flowers I bought last week

I already knew that roosters went cocorico, but according to this butchery window in Les Halles, cows go meuh like a bored teenager...

Sheep do a French version of baaa, pigs... growl?, and rabbits go clap clap? Also, someone has written 'aie' (ouch), which you can see next to the pig, and on the pig (you can't see in the photo) someone put 'ce pub ment' = 'this ad lies'. Not sure if they disagree that rabbits go clap clap (I sure do) or if it's some animal rights thing? If you look closely, you can also see me!


  1. Ha ha - sorry, you and menacing do not compute!
    Love the photos. Nice to live among beautiful buildings - we pull everything down here and slap up oblong monstrosities. Can't get over your elegant gym! x

  2. Can you get a picture of the bonfire where Joan of Arc was burned please?


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