Saturday, November 06, 2010

Acqua alta!

So it turns out I took 846 photos in Venice! Digital cameras - both a blessing and a curse... Don't worry, I won't be putting them all up, but I'll stagger the best (bearing in mind I'm no ace photographer) by theme over the next little while. To begin with, shots of the acqua alta in St Mark's Square (I did see a bit of flooding elsewhere, but it was mostly confined to St Mark's, apparently the lowest point and also sea-facing). It's pretty awesome how you walk to the edge of a paved square, and there's the sea right there, literally lapping at your feet.


  1. Thanks for posting pictures! Amazing to see this famous square under water!

  2. Where are all the cars when its flooded?

  3. So you must have been in Venice at about the same time (end of October beginning of November) in 2010 that I was there this year! It was fun to see the familiar yellow chairs and elevated walkways, although Venice looks really empty in your pictures. Where are all the tourists? I love your night photos!

    1. I was indeed. I don't know, I was surprised by how many people there were in your photos. Of course I know how crowded Venice is in summer, but I thought it must drop off a lot after that, but maybe I got a bit lucky.


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