Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not even for $173 an hour

What's with the creepy paedophile hostage situation being used to illustrate this scam?

In other news, I have spent my long weekend doing next to nothing. Last night went out to karaoke, which was fun. It's fairly amusing listening to French people trying to sing in English, even the ones who were doing a good job of it were waaaay over-enunciating. I did Maggie May by myself and Dancing Queen and Hit Me Baby One More Time with others.

Today is of course the final F1 race of the season :( Alonso is in a very good position to make my pre-season prediction come true and take the title, but we shall see, there's a long race to come. I hope Jenson and Lewis do well in any case.

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  1. Hamilton and Button second and third!

    Eeeew re the ad....


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