Sunday, December 05, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday, in honour of which I took a long weekend off work (Friday and Monday, so still off tomorrow yay). On Friday, I had planned to go to the art gallery, but I wasn't feeling all that well and Mum told me I should rest up before my party on Saturday. I didn't quite obey instructions to the letter because I got bored of being in bed feeling like I was wasting my day off. Instead I went shopping, and bought a skirt, two tops, a cardigan, a hat and a headband... Some practical, some not so much. I took some photos on Friday, but then my camera ran out of battery.

Anyway, after that I walked over to the gallery, and instead of going in, went and had a nice hot chocolate at a nearby chocolaterie, which I had planned on doing after the gallery. I had a caramel hot chocolate, which was good but not as nice as the dark chocolate one I had last time. I took a book and sat there for about an hour and a half, they had a fire and it was a little bit snowy outside, so it was perfect. I also had a Bavaroise, which was like a chocolate dessert thing with a hazlenut and something I didn't understand filling. Mmm. And those two things cost nearly 10 euros, so reserved for birthday treats only! But hey, 10 euros for over an hour of contentment and some nice food, not too bad really.

Snow out the living room window

Snow in a park near the Cathedral

The bavaroise

Rue Nationale lit up at dusk

Lights on Avenue Berenger

Place Jean Jaures, where the main axis roads meet

Christmas tree in front of the Hotel de Ville

I spent pretty much all day yesterday food shopping and cleaning the apartment ready for some drinks in the evening. As usual, I way over-catered, waste of money :( but hopefully I'll be able to get through most of the food before it goes bad. I always get anxious that there won't be enough of everything, so go overboard. But nevermind, it was a fun evening, I got some unexpected nice presents - a necklace, dressing gown, plant, chocolate, spa set and wine :D We hung out in the apartment until around 2 am and then went to a club, got home at about 6.30 d'oh! My flatmate was meant to go to work today, I'm not sure that she made it, haven't seen her but I think I heard her going to the loo, but then later on someone came in the front door, so bit confused. Have been in bed all day, only slept for 4 hours though so quite tired!

New top and festive headband

Maeva, me (wearing the necklace Géraldine got me) and Sara

Géraldine, Me, Garrett, Rémy and Maeva

Géraldine, Maeva, Garret and Danielle

Garrett Rémy, me and Liz

Garrett, me and Sean

Sara, me and Liz

Me and Maeva

Me and Géraldine


  1. another headband eh? you running a headband shop or summit?

  2. Mek kek kek! Just opened up my French franchise au


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