Tuesday, December 07, 2010

St Mark's interior

Off sick today - that cold caught up with me with a vengeance - so catching up on a few (zillion) photos of Venice. I will come back and add the close-ups of the mosaics and 'treasures' of St Mark's, plus exteriors later. In the meantime, apologies for my less-than-stellar photographs & the fact that I probably took doubles of a lot of mosaics, but just can't help yourself, it's so gorgeous. I wanted a sort of mosaic effect, but it took ages fiddling around to get them to go left-right-left, at which time the preview assured me that they would be side by side, which they were patently NOT for the most part. So I tried to fiddle around with the widths of the sidebar and, as you can see, wound up changing the whole template & couldn't find my old one again :( Well, we'll give this a whirl for a while at least.

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