Friday, February 25, 2011


A few photos from a recent cocktail night on the town & at our place. We have been in the mood for cocktails, evidently! And dressing up pretty. Unfortunately you can't see my gorgeous red super-high heels that my parents brought over (for house wear only, seriously those babies are high!)

In da club with some random dude

Géraldine, Sara and me

Homemade mojito time! Géraldine, Liz, me and Laetitia

Liz, me and Laetitia. Géraldine had to be cropped out on account of having her mouth full!

Something funny happened, I can't remember what! This is before the mojitos - Bellinis.

Bonus cats!

Seriously, whose bed is this guys? Maya and Chaussettes stake their claim.

Okay, probably no-one else will find this amusing... Kitten making funny noises :)


  1. I laughed a lot at mad cat video.

  2. Ha ha sweet, she was at it for quite a while!

  3. Kitty the duck?

  4. No sign of the v bubble!

  5. Lovely kitties!! the cocktail evening looks great too!


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