Monday, February 14, 2011

Signs of Venice

I have been promising more photos of Venice for a while, I went through a lot of them today and there really are tons, so will have to continue staggering things. Anyway, one thing I noticed pretty early on in Venice was the large number and variety of signs pointing your way through the city to the major tourist sites. It amused me that these could be crudely daubed or professionally-made, on the sides of churches or in back alleys, so I started taking some photos of them. Of course, in common with signs just about everywhere, they mostly direct you halfway there and then leave you lost in the maze that is Venice.

But if you're lucky, they can take you to :
Saint Mark's :

Or to the Rialto :

Or sometimes, either :

Lost French refugee from the '70s can get directions to L'Academie :

And on some special Venetian nights, you can even find...


  1. fantastic! what a great collection. heh heh. Janet (used to work with Iris)

  2. I don't get it where's the sign telling you to go?

  3. I will tell you where to go blotebrain!


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