Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fast times in Tours

Anyone else impressed by the lack of typos in that 6 am post? I would like to say that's because I always perfectly master the keyboard arts, but here's how I sounded a bit earlier in the evening:

Lime IS the best of the flavours (with gin) and I think you can see the shots of vodka that took place between 1.27 am and 2.44 am. I didn't show the bit where I tried 10 times to spell 'bye' correctly

This chat also involved the immortal lines: "Hey, super good news! I just got news from the future from [mutual friend in New Zealand - and, therefore, 'the future', time zone wise]." The news from the future was "There was a cat and she looked like a Japanese lady! And then I laughed a lot and she said I should call her tomorrow." This was received with confusion, as you might imagine.

So, anyway, it was a fun night. In case anyone's wondering, I had my laptop out (with Skype still logged in) because we were gearing up for the supposedly-80s-but-secretly-not club with a YouTube-assisted walk down music's memory lane. Stephanie, a girl from Ohio who I met recently (and asked out on a girl date, go me!), is only 25, which is not that much younger than me, but which kinda showed when Marion and I were singing along to Tiffany at the top of our lungs and she was just sitting there a bit bemused. Whatever happened to Tiffany anyway?

Also Roxette, Heart, and Dragon - although that one is less an age thing than a not-being-a-Kiwi-thing (all the rest of you have been missing out big time):

Dragon - always reminds me of nights in the 80s bar in Wellington dancing it up with Ruthie G. Particularly one night when we were out on the smokers' (slash, I'm sweaty and I need some air) balcony and the rain really was coming down like sheets. That's Wellington for you... Good times :)

And then Marion introduced us to the most hilarious thing ever. Particularly after you've been drinking for several hours. I have to preface this by saying I do the opposite of endorse a guy who got caught pissing on a teenage girl on tape, but this is seriously comedy gold:

Just be warned, this "hip hopera" goes on for 23 "chapters", so set aside some free time if you're going to watch them all (I'm not all the way through, but trust me, it's insanely worth it).

Other highlights of the night involved arguing with the bouncer because he wouldn't let me take my handbag into the club (the other bouncer gave me his card on the way out though, so I don't seem to have burned all my bouncer bridges at the club) and stealing someone's Red Bull. Um, sorry about that... I have to laugh though, I basically said to Stephanie "Hey, look, someone left their Red Bull on the bar" (for at least 5 minutes, come on people, fair game) "should I steal it?" Stephanie: "Dunno, I don't really like Red Bull", Me: "Okay then, I WILL!" There's not needing much encouragement to vice, and then there's not needing any encouragement at all... I will note that I'm very unstealy when sober. And I would also like to note that 'dancing like a bunny' consisted of jumping up and down, not like hopping and doing the bunny arms or anything super embarrassing like that!

Luckily, I was tired and a bit brain-foggy yesterday, but no hangover and no return of the sickness. I have to go back to work tomorrow, which I'm kind of nervous about. I always feel like I'm being judged for having time off sick, even though in reality everyone is actually really nice and I do have a doctor's certificate (I got a call actually, someone found all the papers I lost and handed them in, which was nice. At least they're not all floating around Tours any more). But still. I haven't been at work at all for over a week, and before that I only had one afternoon after my Photoshop course, so it's been like 2 weeks since I was really there. I just feel weird about it and like Monday is surrounded by a cloud of impending doom. Well, I just have to get out of bed and go and it will be okay, right?


  1. In wellington tonite. Typical Wellington day complete with very shaky landing after which the cabin attendant said on the intercom "if the pilot can land in W he can land anywhere". People being blown over by the wind today (literally) but not too bad tonite. I'm in hotel looking up Copurtenay Place (just to make you homesick).

  2. Who dat? Yeah I saw someone complaining about the wind on facebook

  3. This made me actually laugh out loud, excellent. Xx

  4. Hey thanks, I actually didn't think it was one of my better efforts...

  5. I think Tiffany is touring with Debbie Gibson this year. No joke. If they make it to Paris, want to like totally go? :P

    ...And The Trapped in the Closet video is AMAZEBALLS!!! Ahahahahahha! Nice post.

  6. Argh, Blogger keeps eating my comments.

    Anyway, I just looked up an article about that tour - Show tunes! Guns n Roses and John ("you'll always be Cougar to me") Mellencamp covers! Tiffany still dresses in acid wash denim! It has it all!

    Keep watching Trapped in the Closet, it is incredible. And it has taught me a valuable lesson: waving a gun around is an appropriate response to any situation.

  7. AHAHAHAHAHA WHAT?!?!?!?!? GnR covers?!?!?! That. I didn't know. They better include 'November Rain' in their set list.

    That bit of news just made my day. Thanks, Gwan!

  8. Happy to help :) I guess... the hair's the link between them?


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