Tuesday, November 01, 2011

On Halloween, part 2

Luckily in my last post about Halloween I did say I was willing to participate in it as a boozy, adult activity, otherwise I'd look pretty silly right about now, ha ha! Anyway, I got a text when I was in Poitiers asking if I wanted to go out for some Halloween drinks. Since I wasn't working the next day, I thought it sounded like a fine idea. But then the next text asked if I had any costume to wear, since they were planning to dress up. Erm, no? And being in Poitiers (more on that later), I had no way to assemble one anyway.

I racked my brains (not very hard, as we shall see) and all I could come up with was 'sexy librarian', on the grounds that people could quibble with the sexy part, but there's no arguing with the librarian bit (although actually, French people do, they always call me a 'documentaliste', which annoys me for some reason). This literally involved putting on clothes I would wear to work anyway, adding patterned tights, shiny red shoes, a belt, glasses, hair in a bun, red lipstick and, the pièce de résistance, unbuttoning the top two buttons of my cardi. Ha ha!

I then amused myself with a home photo shoot of the results. I should put a disclaimer here that, despite the stereotype, librarians do not all wear glasses, have their hair in a bun, and spend their time shushing people. Also, the people you see in libraries shelving books are almost certainly not librarians. That's below my pay grade dahlink. Also a disclaimer that these are just me pissing about, not seriously going for sexy!

I had enormous fun by myself at home, music playing, getting ready and larking about taking photos, and then the actual night out was really average. Always the way, innit? I think I should just stay at home drinking and having one-person parties in future. Oh and I got a call from my friend partway through my little photo shoot to say that no-one was dressing up, so the sexy librarian never saw the light of day anyway! So this is a 'web exclusive'...

Just shelving, as usual, lalala... What's that, a camera?!


You're not trying to return a book after the due date I hope?


  1. Is that an egg on the floor behind you, or have you been practicing putting?

  2. No, it's a toy for bloody Bob, who would rather play with twist ties and tisues than any of the 6 balls I bought him. Well, at least he's playing, which is quite an achievement for "hide behind the toilet all day" Bob.

  3. Ahahahaha a 'web exclusive'!! I love that. I also love that you unbuttoning your top made the entire 'costume'!

    Looking good, ma meuf!

  4. Thanks! Costumes I am not good at. Unbuttoning blouses, I can do!


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