Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Another uneventful Christmas over. My sister Jess arrived on the evening of the 23rd, and on Christmas Eve we went up to Kendal to see the owls again, and then attempted to go to the Pencil Museum in Keswick or somewhere. We had quite a nice drive through the Lake District, but the weather in Keswick was absolutely miserable and when we turned up at the Pencil Museum it was shutting early for Christmas Eve anyway. Still, got a photo as proof we had been in the vicinity of the world's most exciting museum.

But alas! We will never know what the mysterious secret war-time pencil, envy of James Bond, is all about!

Christmas Day itself was fine. I seemed to receive a hail of presents, and Christmas dinner was very nice. I was expecting a day of interminable boredom, but helped out with cards and lots of cider, it was fine in the end.

Me, Mum and Jess at Christmas dinner

Yesterday we drove into Liverpool to watch Liverpool Football Club play Blackburn. We had pretty good seats, right up the top but in the middle, so we could see everything (although half the time I didn't really know what was going on anyway). They played pretty rubbishly and only got a draw, but that's fine. It's more about the atmosphere of being there anyway. It definitely is impressive hearing a whole stadium singing and cheering in unison.

The teams lining up before kick-off

My dad takes a notoriously long time to take photos, so I always end up looking like I'm in rigor. Liverpool are warming up in the background

Unfortunately didn't manage to get any group photos where everyone had their eyes open all at once

Other than that, I've hit the sales a little bit. I got a few things before Christmas when we went to an outlet mall, and yesterday I got a Clinique Happy perfume box set for only 22 pounds, which is an amazing deal. It has a 100 ml perfume, body wash and moisturiser and a scented candle in it, which considering the 100 ml perfume on its own was selling for 50 pounds, is quite the bargain! I got a half-price dress from Monsoon as well, plus I have got half-price sports shoes, a dress for 8 pounds, 2 tops, a Jaeger red coat (yay) and a Radley wallet (for Christmas). I wanted to get a Radley wallet last Christmas, but decided since I'd spent about 500 pounds shopping that I should show some restraint. Well, good things come to those who wait!

Other than that, things have been quiet. Jess just went back down to London and I am going back to France tomorrow. I should be able to get a train straight back from CDG to Tours (fingers crossed, as I really don't want to go through Paris if I can help it). Looking forward to getting back home and seeing if Bob has been very naughty or just slightly naughty in my absence, although it will be sad to say goodbye to Mum & Dad for another year.

This was in the window of a local engravers' shop. It made me laugh to think of why anyone ever would want a nametag reading 'self-employed'. I imagine Mr Barns going to speed-dating nights and just tapping the badge when the ladeez ask him where he works.


  1. Hey I know it wasn't flash, but Christmas Dinner didn't consist of a couple of cans on the table! :)

  2. Ha, post-Christmas dinner I should say.

  3. Happy New Year, Gwan! I very much looking forward to reading your New Year's Eve post...I can only imagine what kind of mischief you got into!

    Wishing you an incredible 2012!


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