Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Talk of a winter wonderland may be slightly exaggerated

It's still, for the most part, not that cold in these here parts. I'm a bit reluctant to jinx things, but I'm thinking this year won't see a repeat of last year's 6 (? I don't remember) hour flight delay and finally getting to bed at like 5 am. At least not because of snow. On the other hand, I was in a meeting this afternoon and there was what I thought was super heavy rain and thunder and lightning, and then when we got out of the meeting there was:

Not snow, but tons of hail

And a pretty rainbow over the HLMs

A picture of the Cher which has nothing to do with anything

I have managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done. I ordered a few things on Amazon and sent them directly to the UK, so I hope they do/have arrived in time. Should be fine. Of course, only having 4 people to buy for makes things relatively easy. Other than that, my suitcase will be weighed down with lots of wine, as usual!

I had a look at the Christmas market on the weekend. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Too many people around, too many prams and people walking uber extra slowly and I start to get all antsy because I hate slow walkers and being in a confined space in a crowd where you can't get around people. Except for when I had my mulled wine, in which case I also had to move very slowly to avoid drips.

Marche de something

Get your roasted chestnuts here

Tours is not exactly the Christmas decoration capital of the world, but it's still nice to see lights everywhere and Christmas trees and so on. Here's some pics:

Just so you know I'm really in France, here's a Christmas protest for ya

A rather vulgar display at the mall

Fountain in front of the Palais de Justice

Fountain and Christmas tree

Fountain and the Christmas tree by night

The town hall

This is to show the roadworks which are everywhere and have been for aaages. We are getting a tram. The tram is everywhere I wanna be, which is probably good in the longterm, but annoying for the minute


  1. Gorgeous blue sky! You are getting better weather than we are in NZ at the minute....

  2. Did you see the inch of hail?

  3. It's refreshing to hear someone else admit that it sucks getting stuck behind slow walkers. I always feel like such a New York bitch when I get 'testy' when I'm stuck behind a snail!

    ..and very nice winter wonderland photos! I really hope that we don't get snow like last was a nightmare. Crossing my fingers that we all fly out easily!

  4. I hate it!

    Hope so, I think it's looking good so far...


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