Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Edinburgh cont.

View from the castle

Nick and Briar in Princes gardens

Pipe band in front of the art gallery

Edinburgh Castle

Right, so yesterday after the museum I decided to wander down to Princes St, which is the main shopping drag and do a bit of silver charm finding. Easier said than done, believe me! The only charms on offer were tack as - mini shoes and handbags seem mysteriously popular. However, there was a (mini?) pipe band playing in the Princes Gardens on the way down, they were pretty cool. After that I had to skedaddle back to the hostel because I was meeting Briar (ex-workmate) and her boyfriend Nick for an early (5 pm) dinner.
Just before heading out, I gave Steve - the brother of a woman who works with my mum - a call, to arrange meeting up tonight for a drink. I was rather panicked finding coins for the payphone (managed to run out and hang up on him once) but I had to laugh - once we had arranged where and when we would meet, it occurred to me that we wouldn't be able to recognise each other. Me: "Um, god, I'm about 5"5, brunette, um..." Steve: (clearly thinking I was about to say something like, "does that turn you on baby?") "Ummm...... oh right, because we won't be able to... oh yeah, um I'll figure something out and email you" Me: "Oh, I know, I'll wear a polka-dot top". Sorted, I hope.
Anyway, Briar & Nick & I had dinner and then went to see the comedian Danny Bhoy, who, as Briar repeatedly pointed out, is quite nice-looking and pretty funny as well, so good time had by all.
After having a drink after the show, I got back to the hostel about 10, expecting to be the lamoid one in the dorm, but at least 3 people were already in bed sleeping, which made me feel better!
Today I was once again up early and, since I was too early for the Castle as planned, had a wee wander round St. Giles', which was nice but not superlatively so. Then up to the Castle which was pretty cool - absolutely fantastic views from the top - it's once again fine and sunny and virtually unlimited visibility, across the city and out to the Firth of Forth and I think you can even see Ben Lomond (well, so it said, but not sure if the distant peak was that or just a smaller, closer hill). I was, however, quite annoyed that I paid £3 for an audio guide, then you walk in and there's a free guided tour just kicking off! Anyway, the audio guide was informative (did you know Dunedin was the original name for Edinburgh before the English showed up?) the crown jewels - 'Scotland's Honours' - were nice (although according to an American tourist "the queen's are better") and there were various other items of interest. Plus you can't go to Edinburgh and not see the Castle, pricey as it may be.
So fingers crossed all goes well for the blind play-date (as I call it) tonight and getting up at 4 am to go to the airport grrrr....


  1. Yay! Edinburgh. Glad you're having fun. Have a cider for me! (t minus 1 week and counting)

  2. Are you excited or sad? Edinburgh was great, lots of fun. More on it later.


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