Friday, August 25, 2006

To London

Flight to London was long and tiring as you may expect. Air con not working very well most of the time, so also v. hot and unpleasant. But whatever, it's over never mind. Got picked up at Heathrow by a taxi (thanks to my sis) and shuttled into the lovely Holland Park district where she lives. Her flat is lovely, everything's very nice. Haven't even seen any homeless folk or what not about, but plenty of coppers on the beat. Yesterday was pretty out of it as you can imagine, so didn't get up to much. Jess and I had a wee stroll around Holland Park (as in the actual park), Notting Hill, Portobello Road and so on - not much doing on a Thursday though. Then we got a DVD and afterwards went to the pub for dinner, where I was the subject of a dare from my big sis and found myself eating FROGS LEGS - which were actually not bad. Cliche, I know, but tastes like chicken. After a pint and a half of cider, which was more than enough in my jetlagged state, it was off home to bed.
Didn't sleep too badly and then up at 7 (I can hear my Mum now - "Why don't you try to keep getting up at 7?"... yes mother.)

Went out this morning to Southwark Cathedral as planned, to pay homage to that medieval man-about-town - you all know who I'm talking about - Mr. John Gower. Lovely tomb he has too. Took a ton of photos, so when I get things sorted I'm sure I can bore everyone with them. That brings us up nicely to the present moment so I must dash back to the flat and ready myself for the airport to fly to Dublin (back to Heathrow, alas, but hand luggage allowed thankfully).

Can't work out how to caption photos properly - but that's Gower's tomb; a ceiling spandrel (if that's the word) reading 'veritas' - that's one for the girls who went to school with me (it's the school motto of the lovely St. Dominics College); a creepy stone effigy on someone's tomb and a view of the cathedral from outside (nice sunny day as you can see).

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