Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hello all

It's a T minus (almost) 7 days until lift-off, so time to set up the travelblog. I haven't worked out yet what proportion of communicating will be done via email to the chosen few, and what proportion will be put on the net for all to enjoy, but we'll figure it out together (how sweet).

And now, so you can chart my progress with little coloured pins on a map of the world, is my itinerary:

Wed 16th August
Dep. Auckland

Thurs 17th August
Arrive London - very tired

Fri 18th August
London - Dublin

Sat 19th – Mon 21st August
Dublin with Ranchez

Mon 21st August
Dublin - County Clare

Mon 21st – Thurs 24th August
County Clare Roadtrip with H

Thurs 24th August
Shannon - London

Fri 25th August
London - Woking

Sat 26th August
Woking - London

Sun 27th August
London - Edinburgh

Sun 27th – Wed 30th August

Wed 30th August
Edinburgh - Prague

Fri 1st September - Sun 3rd September
Jess visiting Prague

Wed 30th August – Sat 30th September (?)

After Sat 30th September

Hope there's not enough detail there for the random stalkers which plague me to pick up my trail...

How excitement! And only 16 hours left at the library, at least 1 of which is taken up with a part-ay in my honour, sweet. Aiight catch you when I'm on my way.


  1. Thats if you can get those flights!

  2. Replies
    1. Am I allowed to read this blog? (Found it on your book blog, so I suppose I am...)
      Mum xxx
      p.s. to any other readers - Gwan is on her way and due to arrive in Sydney in about an hour.

  3. Yes you are mumsie. Postings to follow in good time and announcement of blog existence to loyal email subscribers to follow.

  4. Hey
    Good idea travel blog.
    We can compare notes...


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