Monday, October 16, 2006

At Vysehrad

Last week we went up to Vysehrad with a couple of the students - home of some lovely views of the city, some ruins, and an old and notable graveyard - it seems a Czech national sport to outdo each other with the fancyness of their graves.
It's supposed to be (I think) the oldest part of Prague, where the first castle was before Prague Castle was built. I'd been up before with Jess, but it was cool to go back with a couple of locals.

God (?) emerging from a sea of ivy

The 'weeping widow' grave

Scary woman looming out of a grave

Freaky grave at Vysehrad

The gang up at Vysehrad: (Elishka's friend), Laurie, Jo, Me, Anna (student), Greg, Ivana (student). 2nd row: Dan, Elishka, Sonja, Eva (student), Scotty

View of the Vltava, with some of the ruins at Vysehrad

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