Monday, October 02, 2006

My new new home

Hey all, just a quick one to say I'm settled in to my new home (until Saturday at least when we must be on the road again, sadly). Laurie, Sonja, Greg and I are in a four-bed private room in a hostel in Vinohrady, which is a beautiful area of Prague close to Wenceslas Square etc. but not nearly as touristy as the old town. Alasdair & Dan are in the hostel as well, but in the dorms. It's a pretty nice place, we have our own ensuite toilet and shower (although the shower has a see-through glass door which opens right on to the hallway going from the bedroom to the front door, eek!).
Saturday night a bunch of us went out to a delish Mexican restaurant and then we found this little hole-in-the-wall bar where we were (almost) the only people there, so we just took it over and drank incredibly cheap drinks all night (a double absinthe for 40 crowns - about $2.80 ha ha!). Nick knocked over my flaming absinthe at one point, and for a second I thought the bar was going to go up in flames - fire on the table and the floor - not good! The one flaw in the ointment was the bar's only other customer, an old Czech guy that Greg (who is in trouble!) got talking to downstairs. I don't know if he knew a word of English, but he definitely knew how to be sleazy. At one point he followed Nick & me into the toilet, pushed us in and held it shut from the outside... Why? I have no idea! He also put a spoon of sugar in his mouth and tried to light it and stick it in Alasdair's absinthe... very gross. Luckily he left at some point and we stayed out until about 3 in the morning before heading back to Carolyn's for a night on the hard floor. I slept in the kitchen to avoid the snoring in the other room...
Spent pretty much all yesterday packing up and moving into the hostel, and then we went out for dinner but I was in bed pretty early - wiped out as you can imagine from two nights with very little sleep. This week I'll probably spend doing some pretty touristy things. I just bought a mobile phone, so I'll email my phone number out soon. xxx

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  1. Sounds like Prague nightspots are full of weird old blokes!


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