Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's all over now, baby blue

Greetings from a newly-qualified EFL teacher! Yesterday was fun, we still had to teach in the afternoon, but we were unobserved, so it was just games and teaching them a little bit about our countries and so on. Quite a few of the students came to the cafe afterwards as well, then we went out for dinner locally before heading into Prague.
We first wound up at this bar near Wenceslas Square, which was like a faux medieval cave (but of course) where I had some Czech absinthe (sp?) for the first time. I have tried absinthe before, but for some reason I thought Czech stuff would be the real 'green fairy' deal, which it's not. However, it was pretty damn cool doing the whole show with lighting the sugar and setting the absinthe on fire (although I kept dropping the spoon into it and winding up with a mouthful of unmelted sugar at the end of the shot).
Then some of the Czechs took us to like an underground 80s/90s rock club ha ha - proper Czech place, I think we were the only tourists there, which was cool. This real skeevy like 50 year old Czech man in a suit kept hitting on me though. I'm not quite sure whether it's the classic Czech pickup line to go "Dance! Dance!" like if I don't he's going to pull out a gun and start shooting around the region of my feet, or whether that's one of the only English words he knows. I managed to escape, but every time I walked past his table it was "Dance now!"
I just noticed how many times I've used 'Czech' in this post...
Anyway, we had fun and Laurie and I got home (free night bus! and by 'free' I mean we didn't pay for it...) at about 5 am. Luckily I'm semi-packed, because it's out of the flat by 2.30 today. We've seen some of the people off already, I'm really sad that people are leaving and I don't know when/if we'll get to catch up again. I've really met some of the coolest people since I've been here.
Tonight we have nowhere to go, so the plan is to stay up half the night then have about 14 of us sleeping on the floor in Carolyn's wee apartment, hurrah! From tomorrow, we've booked out a room in a hostel for a week, so I get to hang out with everyone a bit longer at least.
After that, I have no clue, so watch this space! I've applied for a job in Moscow, but who knows how that's going to go, and then there's waiting for a visa even if I get it. But apart from the money thing, I'm in no rush to leave Prague, I'm having the time of my life.

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  1. Congratulations - Qualified and ready to Teach! Good luck with finding a job and having a little R & R in the meantime. Vicki


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