Friday, September 08, 2006

Catch-up session

Right, so I'm officially too busy to blog every day - you can all heave a great big sigh of relief. To catch up, here:
is a site with pictures from the theatre we went to, which should give a much better idea than my lame prose. Jess and I also saw the Charles Bridge (crowded as usual), the clock in the Old Town Square (man, who's sick of the Charles Bridge and the clock already?), had a wee argument with a waiter about the exortionist price they charge for drinks in said Old Town Square (read: Jess had an argument...) went on a wee boat trip on the Vltava, which consisted of very sloooowly cruising up the river a wee bit, turning round, going back down, turning round again, going back up, turning round again and docking - with the occasional muttered commentary and some very dry cake, to be fair. We also did a good bit of wandering about, found a place that sold second-hand books in English (hurrah! 50 crowns for a copy of Madame Bovary, or about $3.50 for those who aren't up to speed) a very cool little wine bar, where the proprietor (?) gave me her phone number (score!) and stumbled across an outdoor exhibition of cool aerial photos which you could find at this memorable website address ha ha. I'm sure it makes sense in Czech.
Since the course started, as I've mentioned, it's been massively full-on. Teaching is frightening and I still have no idea, as the Clash would say, "Should I stay or should I go?" (If I knew where a pay-phone was, I'd be calling my mum!) However, there are some wicked people in the class so it's been drinkies all round, then back to the flat to feverishly do homework with Jo & Laurie, my flatmates. And if you're thinking, "Where do I know the names 'Jo and Laurie'?" then yes, you also have a weird attachment to Little Women. The class consists of me, 'token kiwi', an australian 'mortal enemy' ha ha, 4 yanks, one singaporean/norwegian, an italian/american and a small barrel-load of Brits. More girls than guys, but it's not too uneven. Most importantly, they're a good lot to have a drink and a laugh with and boy do you need that at the end of a long day... Tonight (Friday) we're going out properly to the centre of Prague, so I'll have to report back on who can handle their liquor and who made a fool of themselves (not me and me, I predict...)
Can you believe that the course to make little Gwan a teacher is a quarter over? Nah, me neither. Plus our first assignment's due on Tuesday - grammar analysis, eek! If you thought I corrected your spelling/grammar before, just you wait!

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