Friday, September 29, 2006

Eating out

Service in the Czech Republic is slow - seriously slow. Order now for next week.
Service is also surly. Last night we went out to the 'local' - The Red Onion, a restaurant we've been to many times before over the past month. There were about 20 of us - a pretty decent money-spinner for the place. This time, however, we had Czech-speaking spies with us, who informed us at the end of the night that every time the waitress came in she'd say something in Czech like "Here's your food, British bitches"!!!! Several of our number were more offended at being called British than being called bitches...
So in revenge, I present the funnier parts of the menu (and also tell anyone who may be in Prague, don't go to the Red Onion in Budejovicka!):

Will sir have 'Fettucini "Mafioso", or 'Mexican kettle' (Pork and bacon)? Or maybe something from the chicken section, headed up 'Chicken breast, breast, little breast'? The turkey portion of the menu is entitled 'A little more from turkey' and includes 'Pocket full of vitamin' (turkey and spinach). You could have steak, or as the menu puts it, 'Finally a proper fillet'. Or if you're adventurous, 'Mixed spicy meat in tinfoil (surprise!)'. Or for dessert, how about the 'Habitual drinker' (chocolate ice-cream with rum sauce). And finally 'Something to beer', which confusingly doesn't feature beer at all, but side-dishes. Although be warned, side-dishes are strictly side-dishes, no ordering them unless you've ordered a main!

The only question is why they bother having an English menu if they don't want us in there!

PS Last day of the course, I've packed my bags (sad times) no idea where I'm going though, watch this space!


  1. Ah, that's a shame, but it could have just been that one waitress with a chip on her shoulder (maybe you were all too gorgeous and enjoying yourselves too much). Hmmm maybe not British but with ex British blood ha ha. Love from Mum xxx.


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