Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Me & my big sis

Charles Bridge from the river - not the most beautiful Prague day I've seen

The 'Fred and Ginger' buildings - ignore the tram lines

Good taste in saints at St. Vitus'

View from the Cathedral at Prague Castle

Jess arrived late on Friday night, and luckily my flatmate and I met her at her hostel - luckily because the proprietor spoke no English and it took a lot of gestures and very basic Czech to make her understand who we were and what was happening. However, the situation probably wasn't helped by the fact that two girls who weren't staying in the hostel turned up first and tried explaining to her in Czech: "my sister, my sister. Here? Not here. No, I don't stay. Sister. Not here. Come here." etc. Anyway, we got there in the end. The next day was absolutely beautiful but HOT. We went up to Prague Castle, which is more a walled palace complex than a castle per se - went in the cathedral and up a big spiral staircase to have some beautiful views across the city, in the palace which was pretty average really, and down 'Golden Lane' which is touted as a picturesque medieval-style street but which is really full of shops, so no wonder they funnel you down there on the cheap ticket. At night we went to a black light show, which was really cool. As the name suggests, they use a black light and the performers have coloured bits on their clothes and wave flags and stuff as they do modern dance - sounds crap but is actually really cool, they look like they're floating and so on. Must run, drinkies await. More later...


  1. How did the lesson go, though?

  2. Ummm okay they did what I wanted them to do. Speak clearer & louder was the main comment. It was about asking questions, and at the end I told them to ask me questions and one of the guys (20s) asked if I had a boyfriend. Ha! Twas embarrassing... I will catch up but so busy working and going to the pub with the others on the course... No time to tell my amusing little anecdotes like the guy on the escalators who said "[Czech mumblings] sexy chicks [more Czech mumblings]" and took a video/photo of me and Jess on his cellphone. Get oot!

  3. Takje a machine gun to the next class and use it for control.

  4. Mutant tamer eh, who could that be?

  5. Don't forget the "patent vomit bubble" for the Friday night revels.

  6. Ha ha ha revels came and went without the bubble being required thanks


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