Tuesday, September 19, 2006

CELTA blues

Ah, 3rd week doldrums here on the CELTA course I'm afraid. Not enough sleep, had a massive cold for about a week - it almost went away but I stayed up too late on Sat night (between nine of us, 6 bottles of wine, half a litre of rum and 5 litres of beer - not that I even got drunk but up far too late) and thoroughly re-coldenated. So I was feeling like hell on Sunday and yesterday, still passed my lesson but staying upright a bit of a problem. Two assignments due today which I haven't finished and another lesson to teach tomorrow - the present perfect oh no!
Plus today I went out to the ends of the earth to try and change my flights, then turned out the travel agent sent me to the marketing office of British Airways instead of the ticket desky whatever (I knew the travel agent was full of it, because who sites their customer service office out in the scenic industrial 'burbs of Prague? PS Getting there was fun, I managed to receive and understand instructions in Russian from an old woman). So then I obtained a phone number for British Airways (the one in the Prague phone book was disconnected) and they told me I'd have to arrange it with STA in Auckland. So here for all to see, STA sucks! Do not use them! They will send you out into the middle of nowhere and make you make all the freaking arrangements yourself. And I still don't know if I can change my flights.
Last time I also forgot to mention my least favourite thing about Prague which is the beggars you see all over the show in the centre of town. Sure, every big city has its homeless. What I hate about these is that they get down on their knees and elbows, bending right over, holding their hands out in front with their heads bowed. You don't know whether they expect you to give them money or to kick them while they're down, it's awful.
On the upside, I passed my lesson yesterday and my grammar assignment, so I'm still doing okay, but I'm feeling right now like the last thing I wanna do is be a teacher...


  1. Oh dear - well the only way from down is up, so hopefully that'll be where you're heading next....

  2. The beggars - I know!. Guilt/disgust/pity. Weird posture they assume.

  3. Who are you mysterious one? Reveal thyself!


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