Monday, October 16, 2006

Yet more photos

Nick and Greg the uber-talented music man

The morning after - camping out on Carolyn's floor

Filth - our flat on the day we moved out. To be fair, people came to ours to drink and then left the after-effects for us girls to live with...

Foozball at the rock club

Foreground - the ostensible subject of the photo, one of my students. Background - the actual subject of the photo, scary Rasputin man who just sat in the corner of the club all night

Greg launches his plan to stamp out smoking by making it as camp as possible... strange boy

Me and the Gregster - I swear ALL the guys have those caps

Greg taking his absinthe like a man

Laurie playing with the green fairy

Grace, Zoe and Laurie

Hmmm... which of the CELTA-ites have taught in Asia?

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