Saturday, December 09, 2006

Moscow snaps

1000 rouble note - yes, it has a picture of a bear carrying an axe on it, way cool!

I can tell you I have a paper towel on my head - why, who put it there and who's taking the photo I cannot tell you

Forget his name, Me, Anna & Morgan at the metro party

Whatcha doing there, Gwannel?

Party people

Party team - me, Garth, forgot his name & Paul

Group shot at the metro party

People getting their groove on at the metro party

Nigel, me & Patrick

Me & Melani in front of St Basil's - I wrapped up with the head scarf for the photo - it's not really that cold

GUM, the famous department store, at night

Red Square at night - pity the Christmas tree's not lit up

The gates into Red Square at night

Church (I think) of the Assumption - built in the 1990s because Stalin knocked down the original

St. Basil's

Statue in front of St. B's

St Basil's

A church next to Red Square

The Kremlin walls

The State History Museum by Red Square

The gates to Red Square

The path through the freaky woods - still with vestiges of snow

The scissors we got given - from the 'Everything For the Modern Rapist' kit

Our beloved broom slash bundle of sticks

The scenic view from my window - a construction zone guaranteed to wake me up any morning I might have the luxury of sleeping in. Snow's melted by now.

The other side of my bedroom.

My new home! (Prior to messing it up completely)


  1. Yo gwan

    your snaps confirm my suspicions that Moscow is indeed candyland. Everytime I see a photo of St Basil's I half expect some oompa loompas to come marching out, and the roof tops to start spinning, all to the tune of "It's a small world after all".
    Man, that Ivan the terrible ain't so terrible after all heehee

  2. Amazing photos my friend. Everything looks fantastic (but particularly a certain Kiwi Girl.) Keep up the good work. Some of us sad sacks back here appreciate the opportunity for a bit of voyeuristic travelling..
    p.s. How cold is it?

  3. Ah, wouldn't you just love if the oompa loompas did emerge? Legend has it that Ivan the Terrible blinded the architects so they couldn't replicate the feat though, so maybe he is that terrible.

    Ta for the kind words, H. And you got a special weather report as you can see...


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