Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winter's here

Remember how I said it was snowing the other night? It's been snowing, on and off, ever since. Not very much, but enough to turn the eerie woods into a winter wonderland (bonus: all the snow makes it super bright at night, much better!). Because it's snowing all the time, it's nice fresh powder that is the underfoot equivalent of packing icing sugar into a measuring cup when you walk on it - it's the best! The dirty brown snow on paths and roads is not so pretty, but oh well. I must say (and laugh at me if you will, those of you with vast snow experience) that the solidity of snowflakes has surprised me. Obviously I know they're just little flakes of ice floating around, but I didn't quite anticipate how they fly in your face and then sit there. It's actually kinda annoying to have to keep brushing snowflakes off your nose and out of your eyebrows etc.
All the snow is not, however, how I know that winter has arrived. This morning on the way to the metro, I noticed my hair was stuck together. "What the-?" What sort of sticky substance could I have in my hair? (PS: Shut up!) It took a few seconds to realise that my freshly-washed hair had actually frozen on the 10-minute walk to the metro... And it's not even that cold yet!
Operation: White Christmas looks distinctly more likely!


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  2. who is that BORING anonymous? Happy Christmas Gwan!!!
    Jess xxxx

  3. At the risk of sounding boring... Wet hair AND having just had the flu!! Pneumonia is a undignified way to end a travelling lifestyle...
    p.s. I'm just jealous you get to walk on icing sugar snow past Red Square.

  4. Thanks Jess! Merry Christmas to you too!

    No icing sugar snow near Red Square... either it's too warm in the city centre (?) or they get rid of it somehow...

    I don't have a hair dryer - what to do?


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