Friday, June 29, 2007

Chateau folk

Introducing (most of) the Chateau folk and associated partay people

Me, army guy, Freddy (French guy) and Kathryn at Le Queen Vic

Tom - the eminently appealing guy who asked me out repeatedly (and has since been fired after being punched twice by different staff members, feel half sorry for him, but only half) - and Al at the chateau bar

Alice (my roommate) and Ben in Freddy's flat - you can probably view 90% of Freddy's flat in this photo

A charming photo of Sophia (who starts work in the chateau next month when she turns 18) and Freddy. Who's giving the finger I don't know

Another lovely photo - he's only pretending to grope her, for the record, but that sort of thing is pretty typical for our work environment. Al, Sophia and Mark 2

Mike, Mark and Freddy get their groove on at L'Afterclub

Mike and his (now ex) girlfriend Fleur - French girl and mates with Fredddy

A very unflattering photo of Mark, he'd probably kill me since his ego is the size of a small country

Mike, me and Helen

Me and Benji (aka Ben), whose last day at the chateau (after 9 months) was today

Home sweet home and my last can o' V for the duration

'Cosy' living arrangements for me and Alice


  1. our jo is the bestest looking out of the whole bunch, and then some ,

  2. Hey - and that comment wasn't put there by her mum.
    Mum x

  3. Aw how sweet! I think that must be Auntie E

  4. Just as well Alice is as messy as Gwan....

  5. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Good to see the smile. We love and miss you and are looking forward to you coming home for a short visit, but would not like to keep you away from such fun for too long. xxxxx

  6. Gwan - you are indeed looking fantastic in those photos. The french air, or perhaps pain au chocolat & potato gratin are suiting you well. See you Aug 14 or um whenever you said, then I will definitely be booking a trip to Auschwitz. xxx Jess


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