Friday, June 15, 2007

Shake ton booty

Everyone's favourite French song - 'J'aime trop ton boule' a.k.a. 'Shake ton booty' - watch the clip if you want to see some lycra-clad men shaking their bonbons in a most unattractive way. Sample lyrics 'Toi et moi ce sera Brokeback Mountain' (You and me, it'll be Brokeback Mountain), 'Je ferai Angelina et tu feras Brad Pitt' (I'll be Angelina and you'll be Brad Pitt), 'allez tout le monde les bruns, les blonds, chauves,les roux
non... pas les roux' (come on everyone - the brunettes, the blondes, bald, the gingas, no... not the gingas). It's basically an ode to man-on-man ass appreciation and I loves it! Check it out...

I also enjoy 'J'suis blanc' albeit to not quite the same extent as 'J'aime trop ton boule':

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