Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I've been sacked

As punishment for some unknown misdeeds, I was sacked this afternoon....

Gasp! Yes, two of my lovely and mature male colleagues snuck up on me with a laundry sack, stuck it over my head and down to my knees, pushed me over into a pile of laundry and then piled the rest of the dirty laundry on top of me. Admittedly, it was a laugh, but you see what I have to put up with on a daily basis! Seriously, I think I must have done something evil in a past life to not only have to work with these guys, but also live with them 24/7. Well, at least life's not boring, eh?

My new group had a spaz at me because some of the teachers had arranged to bring their daughter, who's about 15, along and they wanted a bed moved into their room for her. Firstly, head office didn't pass this information on; secondly, the boss said it couldn't be done for 'safety reasons' so they had a fit about how it had been arranged for 12 months and what were the saftey reasons and they'd done it before. Upshot was we moved the bed but they had to sign a thing saying they took responsibility for the decision. Which made me feel very awkward about interacting with them over the next couple of days. At least when they'd calmed down they said they knew it wasn't my fault, so maybe there's hope for me yet.


  1. I should have given you special training in dealing with cretins from Yorkshire and (south) Lancashire.
    Carnforth has always been in Lancashire, although it is only about 3 miles as the crow flies from the boundary with Westmoreland, (Cumbria). Even the tinkering with county boundaries in the 1970's didn't change this, although a large chunk of Lancashire was put into Cumbria (Furness). Please feel free to pass on the following facts to your thicko colleagues:

    Yorkshire people are known for being extremely stupid (Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred, Strong of arm and thick of head as the saying goes), and most of them don't even know that Yorkshire has been part of greater Lancashire since their defeat in the Wars of the Roses in 1450odd.
    Please tell them this and if they demur (as they inevitably will) ask them who is their head of state to whom they owe allegiance. When they reply "Her Majesty the Queen (God Bless and Keep her in immortal splendour)" ask them if they realise that she is also the Duke (yes a female Duke) of Lancaster, as all reigning monarchs have been since the battle of Bosworth Field when that humpty backed yorky got his beans. Then watch them squirm!!! If they still argue aks them why the emblem of England is the red rose of lancaster or why they have to put up with a faggot like Andrew as Duke of York- the list of reasons is endless. I could go on insulting yorkies almost as long as I could insult jocks but its not such fun by email. However you'll have to do as my surrogate taunter.


  3. No quite anonymous eh? In fact, a dead give away !


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