Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Chateau home

I took some pics of the chateau and surroundings while out on one of my walks in the countryside - further proof of the "France is 90% fields" theory - it's true, I tells ye! This was, btw, a rare sunny day, believe you me! Enjoy. I also added photos to the posts below "Brussels sprout", "Les amis de la famille", "Vive la revolution" and "Lille again" if you care to check 'em out. Nothing much has been happening of late, only worked 1 1/2 hours today then we hopped to Lille for a spot of shopping, I bought two tops even though I shouldn't have. I also learned that there is no French word for 'piggy-back', the fools! Things are still quiet here, next thing of note is the trip to London for a few days next week... Have plenty of more photos to upload, from my last trip to Paris and the staff party, so stand by for those.

One of the little roadside shrines that dot the landscape

Looking back down the road - you can see the Manoir building at the end of the road and the Tour is visible in the back left as well

Looking across the fields to the noted "Tour d'Ebblinghem", the only landmark of any consequence for miles around and a sure sign you're almost back at the Chateau

Country road, take me home... The back road of the Chateau, where we go for walks sometimes. Mostly quiet, but I was out for a stroll the other week and a car came by and whacked me one on the arm with its wing mirror, cheers!

The prettiest Chateau building, the Manoir


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