Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nouveau boulot!

Yes, I have a new job! Well, not yet, but come November 1st, I'm out of here and down to the French Alps!!

To be exact, Chamonix, here:

Agrandir le plan

Nicely located for Switzerland and Italy, should I so desire. It's a town of about 10,000, plus hordes of tourists, on the side of Mont Blanc and features lots of snow and a buzzing nightlife, or so I'm told. Wikipedia has more, for the interested.

My job is office admin - goodbye to kids and customer service, woohoo! The interview involved French tests, and I will (apparently) have to use it, so fingers crossed I'll cope. I'm going to be working with 4 or 5 others (I think), I get my own room, board, and the princely sum of some 700 pounds per month, plus free boots, skis, lift hire etc. So maybe I'll learn to ski like a champion, or maybe not since I have to work 6 days a week or so. I'll be there until April, no time off for Xmas I'm afraid, but any friends who may want to visit get a discount, it's still probably hideously expensive though. I should get my contract through within the next couple of weeks, so I'll keep you all posted as to the finer details.

Yay, snow!

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