Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Staff Party

A mere handful of the literally hundreds of snaps from our epic staff party. Be thankful you don't have to witness the many instances of baguette abuse!

Helen, Sophia and me

Moi, pissed? Never!

The girls get some ink

Don't let the facial expression fool you, Mark's lovin it. Who do I look like in this photo, btw?

Yes, I am straddling Jay here

See, I wasn't the worst one! Well, at least of the photos I'm posting on my blog!

More proof that I'm not the only one who gets pissed and takes compromising photos!

Don't I look sweet and innocent - must be secretly up to something!

The Chef de Cuisine and the Chef de Chateau - and very grown-up they look too

Jay and Mark do the Magic System "Ki Dit Mie" dance - everything stops and we all do the dance if this song comes on. Video on YouTube for interested parties - just search "Ki Dit Mie"

Me and a slightly frightened-looking Al

Alice shows us how the popular "big fish, little fish, cardboard box" is done

Me and Remy, the utterly manic and chipmunk-esque French chef, prime source for my knowledge of naughty French words

Mark, Jay, me and John

Sophia, me, Helen and Alice

Okay, one instance of baguette abuse - Jay was not pleased when she realised Christophe was behind her at this moment!

Me and Alice, and another well-placed wine bottle

Now, I'm not saying this is a great photo of me... But they allow this man to work with children? Seriously? A great pic of my boss Shrek

The whole party team, minus Christophe (taking the photo) and Mark 1 who was there for a while - but his twin is doing stand-in duties. John, Patricia's husband, Patricia, Sophia's dad, Ben, Alice, Jay, Laura, me, Al, Sophia, Remy; next row, Patricia's two sons, Helen, Mark, Nathalie and toddler son in front

The Chateau ladies, version 3.0 (or something) - Helen, Sophia, Alice, Jay, me and Laura. Looking at two different cameras as you may have noticed

Helen, Alice and Ben

At long last - proof that our boss, Christophe, possesses elbows. Seriously, boiling hot or freezing cold the man is NEVER out of his fleece!

Me & Jay - you can tell this is early in the evening as my hair is not yet *quite so* insane

Me and Alice

Mark, John (Mark 1's twin brother), Al - dressed as a Brit abroad or something, and Sophia

A truly scary photo of window-licker Mark

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