Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nantes & St Nazaire photos

Setting out for Nantes

Me and R at the Cuban bar (rhymes!) *Everyone* stared while we had our photo taken... I sepia'd it because the flash was not doing my skin tone any favours...

At the creperie where we had dinner our first night in Nantes

Inside the church of St Nicholas at Nantes - we saw two big, fancy churches as well as the cathedral (didn't go inside one of them). Pious crowd in Nantes apparently

The former LU factory - they make biscuits

Passage Pommeraye, fancy shopping arcade in Nantes

Dragon-throttling statue on the tomb of Anne the Duchess of Bretagne

The cathedral

In front of the Chateau at Nantes

The one photo R and I *did* manage to get together at the chateau. I KNEW my dress was billowing, too - looking nice and preggers

Inside the museum - plate from the French Revolution depicting, for some reason, the Revolutionary Patriot wearing a nappy (?)

Pretty sure this guy has hijacked the bike and is offering the alarmed woman a pre-rape biscuit

Whereas this fellow is surely sitting down to feast on a baby

Doing my best pose by the banks of the Loire in Nantes

And again. This was what I was wearing for my encounter with the street kids (see yesterday's post) - don't think I could look less like a homeless punk if I tried...

Ol' pole-head at St Nazaire.

The beach at St Nazaire

The American monument, built after WWI, destroyed by the Nazis then rebuilt after WWII


  1. The dragon throttler bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman pope of avignon don't you think?

  2. Ha could indeed be one and the same. Let's start writing a crappy Da Vinci-style book on the peregrinations of the woman Pope of Avignon!

  3. Do you mean after Leonardo or the jerk?

  4. Chapter 1:
    It was a dark, dark night when his holiness Pope Fred(a) 23 rose for prayer.
    "Now look here God", he prayed (for after all s/he had a direct connection to the ear of the almighty, "you in your sll seeing, all hearing, all smelling wisdom may know my gender but I'm blowed if anyone else shall find out".
    God smiled inwardly, a host of possibilities crossed his infinite mind. Shall I smite him or perhaps a thunderbolt would bring him to his senses? No, God decided, after a microsecond of intense angst. I have a better plan...... (to be continued).

  5. The cathedral is clean!! wow! back when I lived there, only one section of the front was white and the other two were still very brown. Makes it look awfully funny in all of my pictures.


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