Saturday, August 28, 2010


In further proof that I might be a grown-up one of these days, I successfully bought sports shoes without having a tantrum, yuss! My mum will be especially pleased as she actually gave me money to buy new shoes several months ago, so thanks mum! AND I bought boots - the pair that I bought in NZ and which carried me through last winter developed a hole and a cracked sole, fortunately just as spring was coming and I could ditch them. The new boots are pretty much along the same lines as those ones - slouched ankle boots - but hopefully better quality! They're Bata (Bat'a in Czech, pronounced Bahtya), which doesn't scream chic to those of us who grew up with Bata Bullets, but they're still going strong in Europe!

The trainers are Le Coq Sportif, so again I'm hoping they're good quality. They're pretty light-weight with a sort of satiny finish, so maybe not hard-core sports shoes, but definitely will work for me around town & maybe in the gym (or maybe I'll keep my old shoes for the gym, there's still some life in them yet selon moi, although mum would probably tell me to throw them out. Easy now, I haven't even managed to chuck the cracked-sole boots or my broken-strap sandals yet, you can't expect me to *throw out* shoes just because they're scuffed and shapeless!) Buying proper sports shoes might still bring on a tanty, I don't want to risk it...

Kinda depressing looking around the shops today and seeing all the winter styles in already, sigh! Seriously, summer didn't even arrive until mid/late June! That said, it is a lovely sunny day today (still, at 7 pm) and it was great last weekend, a bit iffy in between though.

Nothing too exciting to report (I guess obviously, since I'm filling the world in on my shoes). The first week of work went okay, a little bit boring. Things are slow with the world's universities still on summer holidays or just heading back... As of next week, apparently we're going to be working in the morning and then discussing the website redesign in the afternoon EVERY DAY! Ha! It's more a comprehension test for me than anything (mostly I do okay). My big boss asked for my opinion on Thursday in a sort of afterthought-y way, and then I think she was surprised that I actually had things to say! Could probably have delivered them more effectively though, I think my level of French declined over the 3 week holiday... Ah well, interminable meetings may be even more interminable when conducted in French, but it's something to do and definitely good for my aural comprehension. And you bet 'participated in planning the redesign of the website' (or something much more elegantly phrased) is going to be on my CV!

Looking forward to my sis coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and I just booked a trip to Venice for the Toussaint (All Saints' Day) holidays! Super excited! And the F1 season is go again after the summer break, judging by an exciting quali session today, it should be an awesome race tomorrow!

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