Thursday, August 05, 2010


The nearly credit-card sized bruise I sustained from slipping in the shower. Feel like an old lady, just to literally add insult to injury... Please ignore the fact that my hand looks like it's destined for a glittering career as a furless seal body double in t' films. Had a big lump yesterday too, but that seems to have gone down overnight. Were the credit card not in the way, you could perhaps make out just to the right of the bruise the two scars I got on my leg when I first arrived in Nice, was staying in a hostel and got mosquito-bitten to the extent that I managed to scratch those scars into existence! Good times.

Anyway, must leave the house, it's almost 2 pm and I've been laying about in bed all day... My lovely friend Ruthie G arrives tomorrow (how is it almost a week that I've been off work already?!?) yay! Off to Nantes Saturday. :)


  1. Love the blue nail polish (matches the bruise!) M x


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