Monday, July 30, 2007

At least life's not boring...

During my trip to Brussels last week I received, by email, the wonderful news that my Project Poland 2007, which I had thought was pretty much set to go, has been cancelled, due to that beloved institution, the EU, refusing funding.

Soooo... come about two weeks and I have no job and a plane ticket back to NZ, so what's a girl to do? I can't say I've 100% made up my mind, but the one thing I'm sure of is that I don't want to live in New Zealand - sorry to all those who are content there, but it's really not for me. Obviously I'm gutted that I can't go to Poland, but these are the occasions when you've got to pull your socks up, make some decisions, and, to quote a weird statue I saw in Brussels, "show the world that a Belgian woman knows how to die"... Or something like that...

So the first portion of my emergency plan, set to be put into effect once I can catch my boss off the phone, is to ask for a one-month extension of my contract. If that goes down well, step two is to try and claw back a teeny tiny refund of my return ticket to NZ, and just try to not toss and turn at night thinking of the 1000 or so dollars down the drain... Step three is the interview I have set up for an admin position in the French Alps... Step four is (maybe) to reapply for the Poland position for next year's funding round - they've already said they would still like to have me.

Things could (and, hey, knowing my luck, probably will) go wrong at any stage of this well-thought-out plan, but let's all cross our fingers and if the worst comes to the worst I'll just go back to the drawing board and figure something else out.

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