Monday, July 23, 2007

Nothing to say here

Right, it's been over a week so I thought I should blog again in case you think I've died or something. By the way, first order of business is a shout out to the mysterious person in Norway who keeps checking out the blog. Hi! Is that you Sonja? Are you back in Norway? Reveal thyself! If it is Sonja, I'm still waiting for your thoughts on my thesis ha ha!

Anyway, in the past week I have had and farewelled my last school group, WOOHOO! It's fun and all going out on tours, but after a while, trust me, you get sick of it. I mean, yeah, getting paid to be a tourist sounds like a dream job, but it's tiring, there's lots of kids, it's stressful, you have to pretend to be all happy and chatty all the time, you wind up going to the same boring places again and again... Not moaning, but I'm not exactly sorry to be done with it. There really wasn't anything new with my last group, except for a bunch of extremely clingy kids who declared that we were now 'best friends' and asked for my phone number so I could come stay with them in the UK...

On Saturday I went out to Teoria, a club somewhere in the middle of nowhere off the Boulogne road, which was surprisingly big and packed considering its unsalubrious location. It was billed to me as 'the only club you'll go to where the bouncers have rottweilers' and it didn't disappoint on that front. It was just me and a bunch of French people, which was fun. Good night, haven't been out for ages, esp. not clubbing, so that was all good. Sunday was my day off thankfully, since we didn't get back to the chateau until nearly 5 am - I fell asleep in the car, oops, and proceeded to sleep most of the next day, except for the bit where I watched Sunday's brilliant F1 race.

A group of trainee language teachers have just arrived, so for the next week it's just serving them their standard 5 meals a day and doing cleaning, sigh. However, I'm off to Brussels overnight on Thursday, can't wait!

Sorry, told you there was nowt interesting going on...


  1. Did they make you wear the vomit bubble in the car or hadn't they travelled with you before?

  2. They had travelled with me before but precautions were not necessary on this occasion

  3. Mysterious person located in Norway7/27/2007 4:23 am

    HEI! yeah it's me... I CONFESS! best admit now because soon I might not have time to check out blog as frequently as I have and you might think it was owing to GUILT. It rains everyday and I'm trapped within walls. Will write you proper soon, have my hands on the Shakespearean text in question though! I will provide an essay on your thesis! Just wait.. my summer project. - Sonja avec les doigts rouge (I know that's bad French, pardon it!)

  4. Yay I caught you with my super sleuthing glad to have you on board! Very impressed you actually picked up the play, now you just have to read it... What are you up to anyway, home for the 'summer'? Off to uni soon? Or...?


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