Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun photo times abounty

Kathryn's leaving do, a good time had by all! And yes, I know that top shows sweat really badly!

Alice, Kathryn and I salute the French flag to the tune of 'Nouveau Français'

Mark gets creative with Mike's forehead - unfortunately Mike cunningly deleted the photo of the final result

Mark is WAY too into that!

Me and the girls get our groove on on the bar

More bartop shenanigans

Me and Kathryn in an artsy angled soft-focus shot. Or just a shot taken by a drunk person?

Je m'appelle FATAL! If you didn't watch the Fatal Bazooka clip I posted some time back, this will mean nothing to you. Just marvel at the fact that I wrote the word 'fatal' upside down on my own boobs whilst drunk!

The boys shake leurs booties

Team 13! Me and Alice, my lovely roommate, spell out our room number with pride

The chateau ladies on the couch - me, Alice, Kathryn, Charlene and Helen, Jay on top

I love the expression of terror on Kathryn's face here!

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