Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bits and bobs

Nothing much to report, really. The other day I went on a fantastically boring boat trip around the marshes of St. Omer. This was possibly some sort of part of what must be one of the world's coolest rivers, the River Aa. Heh heh I derive immense satisfaction from living anywhere near the River Arrrrgggh! Apparently some people living in the marshes still have no road access and have to get to and from their homes by boat. Even the postie does part of his route on motorbike and part by boat. Numerous wild birds were pointed out en route, but I must say I couldn't see most of them. There were also allegedly rats the size of rabbits on the banks, which I couldn't see either. It was freezing cold.

Last night we lost another member of the Chateau team, Kathryn, who is off to a new life in Brussels. She did her degree in international relations, and really wants to work for the EU in some capacity, so she's starting off with an admin job for the British representative to the EU and hoping to get her foot in the door and work her way up, which I think is really cool. Hopefully I'll go visit her for a couple of days once she's settled - poor thing has to start a new job on Monday, living out of a hostel, trying to find an apartment and without knowing a soul in the city! In her honour, we had a wee party in the bar after everyone had knocked off for the evening last night - this comprised pizza, booze, a compilation CD of everyone's fav French hits, dancing on the bar and general merriment. Photos to follow!

Now that we're three staff down over the last few weeks the place is feeling a bit empty and there's more work for everyone, which is a bit of a drag. There are new staff starting soon though, which will be exciting. Tomorrow family friends and all-round super folk, Sue and Norm are coming to visit, don't know what we'll be up to but I have Saturday off so should be able to do a bit of sight-seeing of some description, I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Norman is a bunker lover, I swear this is true - Mike


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