Friday, September 28, 2007

Another week, another party!

Well, the second staff party was a few weeks ago now, but I've only just got around to putting the photos up, so there you go. Cunningly, I remembered to work through them backwards, so instead of us all getting soberer as the photos progress, we get drunker - all is as it should be! Enjoy!

My new haircut, fresh from the coiffeur's

The girls getting ready in Jay's bedroom - me, Esther, Phia and Jay

Before the festivities commence - Phia, Mike doing his best to look as Scouse as possible, Laura, Al, me, Jay and once again John excluded in the background

Phia ruins a perfectly good pic of John, Jay, Esther, her and Laura

See now everyone's copying my 'Fatal' look

Naughty girls

Chateau ladeez version whatever - Esther, Phia, me looking attitudy and Jay

Phia falls asleep and loses her place in the macarena

Jay, me looking slightly manic, and Phia

Esther: Do the macarena! Yeah man, how fun is this! Check it out, BEST TIME EVER!
Sophia: I'm a zombie, a big zombie zombie zombie
Laura: Oh my God, I just realised I came to the party without my pants on

New girl Esther gets left alone with the camera a little too long

Me and Marko - the détente persists

Phia struts her stuff. Check out the board behind to gauge the maturity level of party participants (not me!)

Phia sandwiched by the happy couple, Laura and Andy

Doing some sort of dance that involves sitting on the floor thusly. Check out how bored Esther looks! I look weird

Jay decides to turn over

For some reason I seem to REALLY be enjoying Jay showcasing my new shoes (they are nice though eh?

Hey look, Marko came to the party! Miracles do happen

Dear God, that's unattractive, Mike!

An explanation for the smeared lipstick, as seen below

So trashy! (Me, not Jacob)

Mark gets a kiss from Al

Mark is not destined for a glittering drag career

Marky Mark dressed up in me clothes - not my idea

Not from the staff party, but thought you'd all enjoy Mark in his hideous man-pouch - it's not even a G-string, lacking the bum accoutrements, it is merely a pouch on an elastic waist band


  1. Dear Lord I managed to get through three months with Mark without having to see that and now here it is... and just before bedtime too! i may have nightmares! aww chateau discos....they are fun though eh? xxliss

  2. Ha ha don't lie you were gutted to miss out on the sight!


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