Thursday, September 20, 2007

A coati ate my camera!

Well, not my camera, but a camera. We visited the zoo in Lille today, and one of the kids leant into the coati enclosure to take a photo, dropped her camera, and had it promptly seized by a naughty coati, who managed to open it, get the batteries out, then run away with it hee hee. It was great! I had to go get the zookeeper, who sent someone into the enclosure to retrieve the camera, which they then confiscated for the rest of our visit. It was eventually returned in working order, but extremely scratched and muddy! And if you've never heard of coatis, neither had I before today, but there's a pic at the top of the page, and I can tell you they run around on branches upside down and obviously have pretty good snatching claws!

Other than that, we just mooched around the art gallery and Lille centre, nothing spectacularrrr, and tomorrow it's off for another riveting day of trenches and graveyards around Ypres, woohoo.


  1. Gwan,

    I recommend that you go to the Newfoundland memorial park. Canadian guides there can tell some sad stories of Ypres.

    Also the Menin Gate, Cloth Hall museum, and evidence of the "Iron harvest" in the fields (this may occur only in the spring).

    Enjoy it (as much as possible for a battlefield). There are few places more historic than Ypres.

    BTW I found your blog because apparently we both like "The First Circle".

    Best Wishes,


  2. See where being flippant gets you, Jo!!!! Regular readers will know you are actually very fond of graveyards and are very cognisant of and sensitive to the history and sadness surrounding Ypres and WWI.

  3. Thanks Harry, I have been to all those places, bar witnessing the "Iron harvest" and enjoyed them all the first time, but sadly my job means it's now the umpteenth time in a few months and starting to drag. You're right, Newfie park is amazing.

    And "The First Circle" rocks, good taste!

  4. Lol that's a real scrump eh?! II want a Coati! I never got to tour in Lille - I want zoo action!


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