Thursday, September 13, 2007

Climbing the corporate ladder

Good news for those who haven't heard it. Well, actually, it's good news for me, but if you're reading this I'll presume you're interested parties who wish me no... specific harm, so maybe it'll be good news to you too. Anyway, the gist of this communiqué is that I've been pre-promoted at my new job in Chamonix. That is to say, after they emailed me and invited me to apply for a senior admin position, I had a phone interview, and despite not feeling ultra-sanguine about it, passed with flying colours obviously. So I've now accepted a PERMANENT job in Chamonix. This means goodbye to any thoughts of heading home for the next few years at any rate (not that I was seriously considering it, anyway). It also means scary things like having a full-time, responsible, grown-up job... In admin, a field I don't really have tons of experience in. It also means dealing with people like French gas, in French, which I'm not sure I can do... It means reporting directly to the managers of the Properties Division and some other Division the name of which I've forgotten, project management of some description (gulp) and (hopefully) travelling around the different resorts located in Italy, France, and Andorra (woohoo!). I also get my own apartment and a bit more pay than I would have in the other job. Which is twice as much as I earn now. Cool. So I'm super duper scared, but looking forward to it and definitely looking forward to leaving. I'll miss the people (mostly), but I won't miss this job by a long shot and I'm excited to move to a new place, make some new friends and maybe embark on the start of a new career...


  1. Yay! Congrats! Don't forget when you're dealing with people like French Gas that you work for a big company, and probably spend a lot of money with them. So don't be afraid to get bolshy/make them speak english.
    Love, guess who. x

  2. Must be my big sis - maestro of getting bolshy with people :)


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