Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Home & Away photos


Chaussettes (Socks in English), one of the two cats I now live with, has an absolute fetish for licking plastic bags. Had to throw her out last night at about 5 am cos of her rustling. PS Please tell Button that I love her the bestest

The living room, which as you can see is currently my bedroom until this weekend when the flatmate I'm replacing moves out, or possibly a bit longer since it's somewhat of a mystery when my bed will arrive from Ikea (and how long it's gonna take me to assemble it). Will put photos of my bedroom bedroom up when I have one!


Bathroom - is slightly more to it, but difficult to photograph with size and light constraints!

And away:

War memorial by the Loire

American memorial to the services that supplied the troops in WWI

Down at t' mill

Looking down the Loire (Loire is north of the city, Cher is south)

BIBLIOBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!!!! Yansie, Ranch, I don't think you guyses read my blog :( but I hope you're as excited by this as I am if you do. Tried to put this on facebook, but for some reason the facebook uploader hates me and it doesn't seem to have the simple upload option anymore...

Old ruined-y (I think) tower in Tours

One of the rose windows in the cathedral - I took lots of photos of the cathedral last time I was in Tours (February), but there was scaffolding over the front, so here's the newly-uncovered bit

Looking down the nave (?) to the rose window at the front

Front of Tours Cathedral (St Gatien's if I remember arightly)

My new summer sandals, badly needed! Mumsy will be surprised cos they've got flowers on them, but I think they're pretty and adequately unflashy nonetheless. Plus I was desperate - although at the mo it is fricking freezing cold, so no need! Forecast tomorrow is 5 degrees in the morning, 14 in the afternoon, plus the wind just goes right through you brrr. But nevermind, it's apparently bad everywhere and even snowing in parts of the south! It musta been around 25 degrees when I arrived last week!


  1. Ha! Was just getting over the shock of the photo of the sandals, when I read the message telling me I'd be shocked!
    Re Ranch reading/not reading the blog - put a posting on fb with the link or just announce you've put new stuff on the blog. X

  2. Trying to pretend that you have slepyt in that room eh! As everyone knows if you had spent more than 35 seconds in the said room it would appear to have been struck by a hurricane followed by a tornado followed by a tactical nuclear weapon.

  3. I never claimed to have slept there at the time of the photo! I did unpack my stuff and make the bed straight away though, so I'm getting better

  4. ahoy Gwan! for the record I totally read your blog - long time reader, first time commenter, in fact. Usually do it in big doses in the weekend when I catch up on all my blogs though, so best to give me a heads up on FB anyway.

    Just so you know, I have laundry hamper envy. Mine sucks.
    Bisous! Yansie


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