Sunday, May 23, 2010

La belle au bois dormant - photos

A street in Chinon, a charming little town near the Chateau d'Ussé where every second building has a plaque telling you it dates from 1458 or whatever. And people just live here, imagine that...

Another street view in Chinon

Staircase ghost in the Chateau!

Sleeping Beauty gets cursed by the bad fairy

Sixties lady (or as my cousin Sarah astutely pointed out on my facebook, Angelina Jolie!) The chateau's full of crazy mannequins enacting scenes from Sleeping Beauty or depicting costumes from throughout the chateau's history

Prince Charming wakes Sleeping Beauty

Dude smoking a pipe on a Flemish tapestry. He just amused me for some reason

Apparently this shows Perrault's ability to captivate children of all generations, but I'm pretty sure it depicts a time-travelling paedophile

Peeing on a Flemish tapestry. Trying that at home would probably get you arrested kiddies

"Oh, stop it!" Hard to see, but the guy in the background is laffing it up about the wine-making process. FYI I don't *think* I'm that bizarrely orange in real life (my tan is all natural), I think the 'warmining' button on Picasa let the team down...

Trying to pretend to be Sleeping Beauty, pretty much failing. Foreshortening = not my friend. Also had to crop a lot of leg out of this one!

Me pretending to be one of the fancy ladies

Me in front of the church, doing a bad pose as usual

Me in front of the chateau

Glad to see people made out in front of perverts back in the day too

Laurent in front of the chateau

I think this is in the 'King's Room' - the Chateau d'Ussé was (and still is) the property of a noble family, but Louis XIV decided that every chateau had to have a room just for him

An iris in the garden

Hair horns! Why, I don't know.

View from one of the castle's windows

The gardens, laid out by André le Notre, who also did the gardens at Versailles (and I know this due to my tenure as Liaison Librarian for Landscape Architecture!)

Male-model footman mannequin

A room full of flappers

Inside the chapel

The church at Ussé

Room in the chateau

Playing around with special effects...

The chateau

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