Monday, February 13, 2012

Frozen Loire

I had the day off on Friday, which I promptly wasted by helping someone move. Sucker! It was meant to take a couple of hours, which it did - if by couple, you mean 7... I hope the gods of moving karma were looking down on this event! At least it was crisp and sunny instead of snowing, and - bonus - I got to see inside my first HLM (State/council housing). Engrenages led me to believe it would be a den of drug dealing, murder and prostitution. There was a mysterious yellow puddle in the stairwell, but otherwise it seemed basic but decent. Where can I sign up?

My good deed done for the week (year?), on Saturday I made it down to the Loire to take some photos (along with everyone in Tours and their dog, it seemed). The Loire is much more frozen than the Cher - I think cos it's shallower?? (I'm not even 100% sure it is shallower, looks it though, especially at the moment.) We're probably all sick of snow photos, so good news - although it did actually snow again a little bit overnight, temperatures are rising. When I got up this morning and saw it was 0 degrees, I thought spring had arrived!

My videos have a reputation for being highly exciting, which I'm pretty sure will be preserved by the following offerings:


  1. Wow, does the excitement never end? I think there is a chance of an Oscar here for best foreign short action doco. The highlight for me were the subtle but crucially spaced sniffs that emphasised the freeze!

  2. Aw, I was hoping you wouldn't be able to hear those. Hahaha! It was really cold! Look at all that ice!

  3. I've seen more ice in a martini (shaken but not stirred).


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