Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Skyrockets in flight...


Ha ha, my Mum and Dad brought me over a few jars of Marmite from New Zealand, and I'm pretty pleased about that. For our American friends who might not know, it's everyone's favourite yeast spread made from byproducts of the brewing process! (And yes, it does have competition in that category!) It is not the same as yucky Vegemite by any means. People who didn't grow up with Marmite usually think it's gross, but you're wrong. If nothing else, you've got to admire a product that's not afraid to write "yeast spread" front and centre on its label.

For our English friends - NZ Marmite tastes different from UK Marmite. And by "different", I mean "better". I suppose you can't tell from the photo, but it is darker in colour, thicker in consistency, and most important, yummier. I was mucho disappointo the first time I went to the UK and was disabused of the notion that our Marmites would taste the same. Now I do my best to keep my own stock in hand.


  1. Sorry...but I really don't think that I'll ever acquire a taste for Marmite (a.k.a. that horrid stuff!). Our ancestors' taste buds must have evolved differently - you like that yeast stuff and Americans like yummy peanut butter! ;)

    Enjoy your supply - there's nothing like having a taste of home.

  2. I think you mixed up the words "horrid" and "yummy" there, Mary Kay! Omnomnom :D

  3. I'm with Mary Kay! I dutifully fed my kids Marmite and Vegemite (there are fans in both camps amongst my kids) because they are kiwis, even though I loathe them both!

  4. I 3rd that! Please eat all the Marmite you desire and us Americans and sane people will stick to peanut butter and nutella. I politely declined a Vegemite sandwich on Australia day and laughed when other people scrunched up their faces and declared it "interesting".

  5. So - that's what a dung butty looks like!

  6. Wrong wrong wrong! Chickster - I've come across a bunch of YouTube videos of Americans (etc.) trying Marmite or Vegemite, quite amusing! I like telling people it's like Nutella heh heh.


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