Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hadn't seen nothin' yet

Turns out the snow the Monday before last was just a dusting compared to the snow on Sunday (which had already fallen by the time I blogged, but I hadn't been out in it yet so I didn't really realise). According to what I read online, we got about 10 cm of snow - the local newspaper had interviews with a bunch of people saying that this was the most they'd ever seen in 20 years or whatever. And it has been fu-reezing. This morning when I walked to work it was supposedly -11 ("feels like -14") Celsius, but actually it didn't feel quite as cold today as it has been. It was sunny today, so technically a bit colder, but definitely more pleasant than yesterday when we had wind and light snow falls all day. Consequently it's been taking ages to get around town because I'm petrified of slipping on the icy pavements! It is still kind of cool to have snow though!

For some reason, the park has been shut since it snowed on Sunday, so the snow is pristine (took these photos through the gates)

One possibility is it's shut to avoid accidents on the frozen lake

No work going on on the new tram in this weather

Ice on the Cher


  1. Nice to look at - but only from the other side of the world, ha ha!

  2. Beautiful! They close the parks in Paris too when the weather is bad.

    Stay safe on the icy pavement!

  3. Brave of you to walk to work! I would've been tempted to call in sick with all that snow.

  4. I took the bus the first few days, I must admit! They have cleared the pavements on the main roads, but it's still pretty dicey on some of the side streets!

  5. Sorry that this is off topic but I wanted to let you know that Mike and Peter are in Auckland. I've been following their trip on Mike's blog and was pleased to see that they took your advice to go to Davenport. Thanks again for helping them out!

  6. Great! Thanks for reminding me to take another look at their blog!


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