Monday, February 20, 2012

Here's what I'm going to be singing all week

That's right, Gwannel Sandiego will be in Barcelona from tomorrow to Saturday!

And here's what I'm going to be admiring (at least one of the days I'm there:

Fast cars and gorgeous men, bring it on!


  1. Oh! the F1 test trials will be so much fun! We used to go to the Monaco Grand Prix every year when we had friends living there.

    Will you be posting from Barcelona or will we have to wait for photos and torrid tales? ;)

    Bon voyage - travel safe and enjoy yourself!

  2. Lucky you! I would love to go to the Monaco GP but it's so expensive, even by F1 standards! Testing only costs about 10-20€ :)

    Laptop's coming with me, so unless Jenson spots me and sweeps me off my feet, I should manage it heh heh

  3. You kept that quiet! Have a great time.

  4. Have a good time, dear!!!

    Take lots of photos and I look forward to reading about your adventures!

    We are still the "girls gone wild" us proud!


  5. Anon - the news was disseminated via the usual channels i.e. Mum and facebook.

    Thanks Ella, I'll do my best!

  6. Quest-ce fait le temps en Barcelona? And yeah I don't parle francais ;-) x

  7. Jess? You're asking about the weather? Beautiful and sunny coming in - amazing views flying over the Med into Barcelona (and of the Pyrennees before that), it was already about 5 by the time I got to my hotel though so will have to hope for some more good weather in the days to come!

  8. Gwan, It's coming up on 24 hours that you've been in Barcelona and still no post. What gives?


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