Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bonjour Timothy

Just a quick one to say I have finally arrived in France! Haven't met anyone official yet, no clue what I'm doing but the people here seem nice enough and my first drink at the bar was free woohoo! They all seem pretty positive about the place and the work - consensus seems to be that it's a bit tiring but its fun and they have a good time together, so all signs so far are good. Must go socialise some more instead of hermiting myself on the computer, but expect more updates maybe tomorrow.

PS Have been planning since forever to use that title for the blog!


  1. That was a title of a kiwi film wasn't it?

  2. Martin Henderson was so gorgeous in that.

  3. Was it Martin Henderson I thought it was that blond guy

  4. Yeah I just looked it up on IMDB it's Dean O'Gorman. Hey let's start a Bonjour Timothy renaissance, everyone go and request it at the local video store tout de suite


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