Saturday, May 19, 2007

Une vraie fille française

As I said, my command of French is coming along gang-busters, especially my burgeoning knowledge of French slang/insults/swear words, my fav being a much-loved phrase of the manic French chef "Tu as un petit zizi". Also, 'les washes-washes' (no clue on how that's actually spelt) is the French equivalent of 'chav'... Supposedly something to do with how they speak. Also acquiring the slangy French habit of dropping the 'ne' from 'ne... pas' constructions. And I've even learnt (a couple of) song lyrics... "Je suis pas James Bond, entouré de belles blondes", my fav new French song. There's also one all about deforestation etc. with the catchy chorus "aux arbres citoyens", presumably a cunning play on "aux armes citoyens".

Last night we hit a couple of pubs in St. Omer - 'Le Queen Victoria' and 'Le Dickens', to be precise - very French! We were accompanied by a couple of army lads, the leaders of a group who've come over to tour the battlefields in order to better appreciate the realities of war. I imagine they'll get plenty of that in Iraq. It was fun, but pretty low-key. Not sure if I'm going out tonight, they're going to une boite (club) and I do feel like dancing, but the cash machines here don't want to accept my credit card so I have absolutely no money (first pay day next Weds). Plus I have to work tomorrow, of course, so we'll see....

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  1. Mmmmm, Gwan must be having too much fun to have time to post?


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