Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The theme of today's lesson: wolves!

As per, not much to report right now. Today brought a wee trip down to Brighton, to meet up with the lovely fairies who are organising my Poland jaunt later this year, and reassure myself that they are real people and not some sort of malevolent hope-raising-and-then-dashing computer virus (check!)

The big news of the day, though, is that someone wolf-whistled at me when I was walking to the Tube! When was the last time THAT happened? Back in the days of Mmmm...girls!, Ranch? I was looking snappier than usual, having donned interview-grade clothing, but erring on the side of smart rather than sexy. Now, I know I should be all feminist about it and be like "stop objectifying me, you commie Nazi pig!" but let's not pretend it's not flattering. A gross undress-me-with-your-eyes: no, an unwanted nightclub grope: no, but a harmless wolf-whistle from a passing car? Why not!

And that's been the highlight of my week. In other news, I visited the National Gallery again, spent a lot of time soaking up the sunshine, and attended a BBQ/party getting slightly (yes, slightly...) tipsy and then emailing a lot of you poor sods. Sorry!

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